Selenium Deficiency in Australia

What it means for your livestock

An adequate selenium uptake is essential for maintaining the overall health of your livestock. Selenium is required for wool growth, sperm motility, embryo development and an efficient antibody response against disease. Selenium, along with Vitamin E, are important antioxidants, helping to prevent tissue damage and give your stock the natural building blocks to reach their full potential.

Australian soils are generally low in selenium. The map of Australia below indicates areas where selenium deficiency is often recorded, but it is suspected that further areas have not yet been identified:

Several factors can predispose your livestock to selenium deficiency, such as:

  • Soil types that are low in selenium.
  • Acidic or sandy soils.
  • Pastures with high clover content.
  • Heavy or long-term fertiliser application.
  • High amounts of annual rainfall.

Selcote Ultra is a natural, slow-release granule designed for application to pastures, where selenium is absorbed by plants through their root system. The available selenium is then taken up and utilised by grazing animals, allowing your livestock to benefit from sustained selenium levels, all year round, naturally through their diet.

Selcote Ultra is a simple, convenient, and cost-effective way of supplying your animals and pastures with sufficient levels of this essential trace element. Get in touch with Selcote Australia to discuss the growth and wellbeing of your stock today.

Selenium deficiencies in Australia